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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by NaMcO, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. NaMcO

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    Hello. Does anyone with a soundblaster audigy have something running at startup called "ADGJDet.exe" :confused:

    Does anyone know what is it used for, can i remove it, should i leave it there ?

    Any info is appreciated, thanks :D
  2. Geffy

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    Yeah, it runs on my PC, but as far as I can tell it doesnt slow the PC any, so I would leave it.

    When I first saw your post, I thought you were talking about the Splash Screen. If you want to get rid of that go to

    C:\Program Files\Creative\Splash Screen\

    Then edit the file


    and change the bit under


    Delete all the line and enter the following instead.


    It will then not run at startup.
    The reason that I stopped it was that it was using CPU Cycles and Memory for about 15 mins at startup.
  3. NaMcO

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    I can't find that splash screen folder. Maybe i deleted it before, i don't remember. I got rid of the AVI that plays on startup (were you referring to this?) by removing its entry from the registry and renaming the executable as well. It's located here:

    C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy\Program\CTEaxSpl.exe

    I just renamed it to _CTEaxSpl.exe one time and then removed it from the registry. I never saw that splash screen you talk about, different drivers maybe ?

    As for ADGDet i think it just starts up, does something, and then exits. I can't see it on my processes list, so i guess that's what it does. Just wondered if i could get rid of it on startup :D

    Thanks !