Sound cuts out with Aureal Vortex 8830. Any1 have luck with ..

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by VampiricuS, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. VampiricuS

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    this card and XP? Ive tried just about everything. All I want is a working driver so that I can get sound , even if its just a standard sound driver.

    thanxx for any help
  2. MiseryQ

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    Check out
    There always was a problem with This card and Win2k... There are some work arounds however... I'm not sure if there is a GOOD driver for NT5.x...
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    I had this problem with my DIamond Monster Sound MX300.. beautiful card but no real support for XP.. Diamond's last driver release was 3 years ago and they have no intention of releasing an XP driver.. I ended up shelving it and buying a SB LIve! 5.1
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    Aureal drivers in XP....

    I have the Diamond MX200 I'm using in XP. Have you been to XP's update page ?! They have released a driver update since XP came out !! For some reason I had problems with it when it first came out, but I tried again and grabbed it again last week and now its working pretty damn good (except not as LOUD as my friends SB Live!) !! If you continue to have problems.....there IS a way to get XP to re-install the stock drivers that came with the OS install. It seems XP keeps a copy of the original drivers SOMEWHERE in the system, so try going to update driver, and let XP find the best drivers to install...and see if that reverts back to the original set !
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    What Driver?

    I can't find the updated driver you are refrerring to. Can you please post the URL where you got it from?

  6. Phantom_24

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  7. ohiknow

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    no updates for me

    I have already downloaded all of the updates available. My sound is still having problems....any other suggestions?

    I have installed this:
    Aureal Media Driver Version 5.1.2601.0


  8. Phantom_24

    Phantom_24 Guest other question!

    I had a similar you happen to have a Promisa DMA controller in your system?! I do, and when I let MS update it's driver, is when I began having distortion and popping in my sound! But when I rolled back the sound driver to the original ones for XP, the sound was clear again. Don't know why, but for some reason they might conflict with each other. BUT, a month or so later....I tried updating the sound driver on a whim, and now I have no distortion!! My main place I noticed the sound problems was mainly when playing MP3's and such.

    So try this first, go to device manager, roll back bother drivers using the driver roll-back feature (if you have a Promise controller) and then update JUST the Promise one. If no distorion after a while, then try updating the Aureal one. I know this sounds lame, but this worked for me, and I have both devices playing nicely with each other now!!
  9. ohiknow

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    Searched for fixes...

    I have been searching for fixes and I was able to find a few, but they all seem complicated except for rolling back the driver. I'm going to fix it today, I'll post when I find what works.

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  11. Phantom_24

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    Nice find!!!

    It's funny though how that fix mentions a UDMA100 controller as a problem cause too!!

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  13. Phantom_24

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    Sounds like MS is really screwing up...

    Good thing I have a linux machine to use when Windows is really messed up. I have never had a problem with Linux, drivers are always there, and everything ALWAYS works....MS could take a few lessons from Linux. Hope they do.

    My fixed worked for me, so I'm happy for now.

  15. Phantom_24

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    HEy guys and gals !!!!

    Check this out!! Found some port of the original Aureal Control Application from the Win9x days!!! It was located on some Japanese site....don't ask me HOW I read the site....came up on a Google search!! Hehehe..... anyways, I snagged a copy, installed just fine (though I think some functions don't work, it's a Beta I think) and uploaded it to my site for a quick download without the language problems.

    It's from a site called or something like's the link :
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    Links not working right !!
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    Here's the actual page where I got the program....

    Note WAY down at the bottom it mentions the different Aureal chips (8810, 8820, 8830) where you can grab the control applet for Windows XP. It will pop up another box (in Japanese/Chinese as well). Just click the orange box and you should be able to download the app. No virus's from my scanner (norton 2002 which is up to date).

    Still have to further my tests but it DOES have some additional functions for PDIF and other least it's something !!!!
  18. Phantom_24

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    Here's a little something to give you a taste !!

    Neat little app.....nice export.....a little inconvenient in that you need to reboot for most changes, but at least it's SOMETHING!!