Sound, but no Picture in Videos

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AfTheRock, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. AfTheRock

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    After having formatted my PC, and having installed WMP 9 stright away, I cant seem to get any picture with the WMV MPeg 4 files.

    I have got K-Lite Codec Pack , the most recent one, installed, but no difference.

    I have tried Nimo Codec pack, the latest one, and though this does work, after playing any other video file after a MPeg 4 file, the mouse pointer gets messed but, all blurry. Closing WMP does the trick. I have since then uninstalled the codec pack.

    I then installed Ace mega codec pack, the most recent, and that gave me upside down pictures on the MPeg 4 files, but no problem with the rest. I have unistalled this now.

    Any answers to how I can fix these problems???
  2. muzikool

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    Is this happening just with one specific file? I know that if you get sound but no picture, you can use VitualDub to fix it. From what I remember, you choose Direct Stream Copy from both the Video and Audio menus, and then you have it create a new file. It doesn't take too long to finish, and once the new file is created you can delete the old one.

    I can also tell you how to fix the upside-down video. Download the Tsunami Filter Pack and use the FFDShow Filter that is included. There is an option in the configuration that will let you flip the video.

    Here are links to both VirtualDub and the filter pack:
    Tsunami Filter Pack
  3. zyfos

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    Run the problematic file in Media Player 6.4 (C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\mplayer2.exe) and see if that works.
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    Thanks, zyfos, I didn't even know that you get a second, older media player with XP, but that didn't work either.

    muzikool, I tried the Tsunami Filter Pack, but my PC crashed, maybe since I've installed so many other filters and codec packs, so I uninstalled all of them, including K-Lite codec pack, and was going to try and install the Tsunami Filter Pack, but the video works, with no codec packs installed.

    I like K-lite codec pack, so re-installed it, this time with everything but the Mpeg 4 modified codec. The video still seems to work, so I dont know if it was that codec which was cuasing the problem.

    Thanks you guys for your help. I'll keep the two softwares you told me about muzikool anyway, instead I might ever need them in the future.