SOS!!! for WIndows XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by turen, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. turen

    turen Guest

    I installed the XP simplified Chinese version on three computers.
    two versions are cracked.
    one is activated by serial.
    today all the desktop displayed the following words

    Windows XP Professional
    for testing purposes only. build 2600

    It is too strange!!!! Any one suffered from this trick?
    I did not find any malfunctioning on the system yet.
  2. pmcartney

    pmcartney Guest

    You answered your own question, time ran out on your cracked betas
  3. NetRyder

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    Cracked versions of XP :rolleyes:
    It's not strange ...

    BTW, this forum does NOT support cracks/warez ... so I doubt whether you are going to get any help here.
    You're out of luck!
  4. turen

    turen Guest

    But the one activated also displayed the words like that.
    It is not that time runs out, The story is that
    I tried to install XPSP1 english version on my computer but it said different version. Then after reboot, it displayed

    "Windows XP Professional
    for testing purposes only. build 2600 "

    Any reason, No reason! It is a bug!!!!
  5. Hipster Doofus

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    Look like Bill is trying to remind you that your version is for 'testing only'. In other words testing is over & you will get no more support. Looks like you are stuck with it till a format.
  6. dotbatman

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    that has been well documented in the Neowin forums. The SP1 beta adds that text to the desktop. XP itself is fine. If you search the Neowin forums, they might even have a way to uninstall it.

    but, ya, either way you get what you pay for, and SP1 was never intended to be for public consumption.
  7. Jirnsum

    Jirnsum Guest

    This really isn;t very serious.

    Just rightclick the desktop, go to properties, Desktop tab, Customize desktop, Web, and select Lock Desktop Items.

    It is just an option for displaying the XP version number
  8. AJG199

    AJG199 Guest

    That has gotta suck... warez is not the way to go.