Something stuck inside floppy drive

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by rjack22, Sep 27, 2002.

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    I had a floppy disk stuck inside the drive, compliments of my daughter last night. I was able to remove "most" of the floppy disk but the metal piece (cover) came off and is still inside the drive.

    How can I remove this? I can't seem to do it from the front slot. If I open up the case and remove the floppy drive is there a way to get better access to it? HELP
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    get a tweaser thing and pull it out, thats what I did !
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    Yep, tweasers are by the best way to do it! Otherwise just undo the screws, just be careful not to go muckin anything up.

    New floppy's can be bought for new for around $5 if that doesnt work.
  4. rjack22

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    stuck in floppy

    I couldn't dislodge it from the front. But since posting my original message I did get it out.

    I opened up my case and removed the floppy drive. Then I took the top cover off of the floppy drive case. This allowed me to move the object around a bit until I got it in a position that I could reach it from the front with tweezers. The drive is back in and working fine. Whew! Even though floppy drives are relatively cheap, I still didn't want to have to go out and buy one. Alls well that ends well. Thanks for the help. In searching for some help on the internet I did discover that the brand of floppy disk, Imation, has been known to have trouble getting stuck in the drive. I am going to tell my daughter's friend to get rid of those brand of disks!