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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bluerave, Jan 13, 2002.

  1. bluerave

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    When I first boot, there is a program running called "netconnection.exe". Its in the Startup also. When I take it out of startup, it puts itself back in. When i end task on it, it restarts. It says its in C:\windows\netconnection.exe, but when i search the entire hd, nothing is found. Also, is my netstat i have this.

    TCP compaq:1104 ESTABLISHED
    TCP compaq:kpop ESTABLISHED
    TCP compaq:1114 ESTABLISHED

    I cant find anything on this, is this a trojan? If so how will i go about deleting it if I cant find it?

  2. max

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    Those TCP connections are nothing

    they are this website = majestic

    and the other is the advertising server they use ....... so they are nothing to worry about

    i have no idea what netconnection.exe is though ......... have you got a virus scanner ?

    what have you installed lately ?
  3. waddy

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    Max is right those connections are the website

    Heres a great FREE program to use, its like netstat but better and GUI


    You will see what IP netconnection.exe is trying to connect to