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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by NightPrincess, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. I'm having major problems and I hope someone can help. Everytime I try to dial-up, my modem connects and then my PC crashes. I've checked in event viewer and got these errors and warnings several times :
    The COM+ Event System failed to fire the startshell method on subscription {A5978620-5B3F-F1D1-8ED2-00FA0035B753}{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} The subscriber returned HRESULT 80004001.

    IPSec Services. IPSec Services failed to initialize RPC authentication service is unknown. IPSec Services could not be started.

    This is happening on a clean install.

    Thanks :)
  2. Jim

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    Have a look at whats running in your services, it may help
    if you set some of these services to Automatic .
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    You might also want to check and see if there are updated drivers for your modem.
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  5. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I've tried everything you said and it's still doing the same thing. :rolleyes: I have a SupraMax 56k PCI fax modem, V.90-V.92 ready, SUP is 2751 and I cant seem to find the drivers on the net for it. I have the CD-ROM that came with it, but I cant get the drivers to install. If anyone knows where I can find the driver, please leave me know :)
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    if your using the new v. 92, you might wanna make sure your isp is too, i could be wrong but i think if you using it and they havent upgraded there system it could cause problems......give em a call
    and see what they say.;)
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  8. well I've tried the drivers and now I'm getting an error message
    :( 0x000000BE and it has to do with HCF_MSFT.SYS which I'm assuming is the driver file :(
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    you did install the windows 2000 drivers and not the 9x,me right?
    i didnt see any xp drivers but the win 2000 should work..
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    another thing to try

    for now go in services and put everything in there to automatic, i mean everything. those errors haave somthing to do with that.
    if you still get these issues with all the services on automatic its not that. if it fixes it then ull have to trial and error till you find the service, it needs..then you can disable the ones you dont need. pain in the but, huh,lol my buddy had some issues like that
    and when he turned on the webclient his worked. apparently, dialup and dsl need this as they need a dns client to logon to the net.
  11. well I've tried that and it's still doing the same thing :( I'm pretty frustrated and I imagine I'll be stuck in windows 98 forever :(

    thanks again for the help :)
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    no, ull fix it hehe.

    try moving the modem to another pci slot, and leave the slot right below the agp slot free. also put the xp cd in and do a repair install, it might help. this will also set the services back to default, that might help too. also could you please post all your system specs? for your machine this will help me give you some more options. dont give up yet, xp is worth it.hehe.;)
  13. the funny thing is, I did have XP on my machine for a couple months and then the crashes started :(

    PIII 500
    Abit BE6 Motherboard
    512 MB Ram
    GeForce 3 Ti200
    Creative 12X DVD w/ Dxr3 decoder card
    Yamaha 16X 10X 40X CDRW
    2 20GB Maxtor 5400 HDs (currently only running 1 at a time)
    Sound Blaster live!
    Microsoft Optical Mouse
    Microsoft Internet Pro Keyboard
    Logitech Quick Cam Express
    HP Deskjet 720c
    ah and my lovely modem ;)
    Diamond SupraMax 56K PCI Fax Modem
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    Have you tried any of the NT drivers at that link eGoalter gave you?
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