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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Indomidable, Mar 6, 2003.

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    I have a similar system.
    I bought a raid card $29 SiL 0680
    1 Maxtor 60GB 7200rpm 1 WD 60GB 7200rpm (Striped=raid 0)
    The best raid card is High Points: Rocket Raid 133 ATA133 for around $74
    I have a 400Watt Enermax PS
    Dual 1.9 Ghz MP on a Tyan 2640
    2x512Mb Kingston 2100 Registered ECC
    and ATI All in a Wonder 8500DV 64Mb
    Rendering is no problem. I've used Adobe Premiere 6.0, Ulead 5, and Windows Movie Maker.
    Premiere reccomends 10Gb on a minimum of 7200rpm HDD. (with raid you could use 2 5400rpm drives)

    So check your PS 350+
    System temp? around 32C, CPU under 60C (Vulcano 9 around $17 keeps mine around 40C)
    7200rpm HDD
    Minimum of 512Mb RAM
    Swapfile not on same drive as video (unless raid)
    I recommend a Hardware raid 0(striping) setup for the video and swapfile.
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    Gotta hate how the new reply button is so close to the new topic button :D
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    You've got that right!!!

    Boy do I feel like a n00bie!
    been on the internet since '89
    Started in Prodigy from 86-92 or so. I can't believe my luck. I was posting to help some dude with his Rendering problem!