Soltek SL-865-GR

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by MBunny, Feb 11, 2004.

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    Wow this forum has changed since i last frequented it.

    And i lost my account >_<


    I'm in the market for a new motherboard and cpu (and subsequently RAM)

    The above mentioned motherboard is what i've chosen to be a suitable mobo but what do you guys have to say to this. Hopefully these forums are as full of information as they used to be.

    The other question that lies in my mind is the difference between the 875 chipset and the 865PE chipset. It costs about double for me to purchase a 875 chipset mobo so the features had better be worth the cost.

    Incase your wondering, I plan to purchase a P4 2.8GHZ (400/HT) and 2 sticks of Corsair 256 DDR400 Ram. (overclocking ain't my thing)

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    There was a combination of major upgrade and the death of the posts database. The regulars are still all here though so the answers keep coming.

    The 865PE is the same as the 875 except they turned off some performance features. A couple of MB manufacturers (ASUS, Gigabyte, others) actually found a way to turn those features back on. The last I heard on that was Intel was coming up with a better way to disable the features so newer 865PE CPUs may not be "hackable" anymore.

    The 875 will give better performance than the 865PE. Whether it is worth the price difference to you depends on your cash holdings. Check for comparative benchmarks between the two chipsets. You can use the numbers to see if you want to pay the premium.

    When using toms for benchmarks just look at the numbers. Ignore their recommendations, they draw weird conclusions sometimes.

    Soltek would not be a brand I'd recommend. For reliability stick with ASUS, ABIT, Gigabyte, Tyan.