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  1. canadian_divx

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    just woundering if anyone here who uses smoothwall. knows of a command to clear all the cache it has built up over time?
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  2. Weasel

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    If you can find what directory it uses (probably /tmp) and it has access to the console, you can just rm -rf what's inside of it. Not to cram this down your throat or anything but after looking at tons of firewalls like that and almost deciding on Smoothwall, I ended up downloading M0n0wall which puts everything else I've ever thought about using to shame. Check it out.
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    I use smoothwall but I as far as I kno there is no cache to clear, if you are using the proxy I believe there is a clear button in the web admin.

    This question may be better asked in the SmoothWall forums:
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    Wow I haven't used Smoothwall since Dialup days. Is it still progressing strongly? I don't need it now since my ADSL modem has a built in firewall. I just used it back in the day when I had an old PC I didn't need.
  5. Admiral Michael

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    Yep its still around. I love it instead of my linksys router. It's so customizable and stable. My router would cut my MSN connection either every two hours or when it felt like and it was making it hard to join a group chat.

    Best decision I ever made :)