Smaller desktop icons?

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Santamanne, May 1, 2002.

  1. Santamanne

    Santamanne Guest

    How can I get smaller desktop icons? If I change the size from the display options every icon gets smaller. I tried stylexp and windowsblinds, but both programs fekked up all my display settings! >:R
    So could someone tell me an easy to use program, or some other tweak.. oer... *pissed off*
  2. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    Sorry ya can't do it is basically the answer, Icon display is a system wide setting, only way you could do it, is if you buy DesxtopX from
  3. Santamanne

    Santamanne Guest

    Did I hear someone saying buy? :(
    No way Jose :p Kraah... well I took all the icons off from my desktop, maybe I'll manage like this