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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Azzuron, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. Azzuron

    Azzuron Guest

    Sometime last night...something changed on my computer here, where everytime you double click say, a folder, or a drive in explorer, it opens up a Search Files and Folders window... Im not exactly that happened...but I am curious if anyone might be able to help me out in correcting that issue, otherwise i have to go and do a restore to yesterday morning, which will erase all changes i have made...meaning i have to do all this again :eek: ! Thanks guys :)
  2. Azzuron

    Azzuron Guest

    BTW, i noticed this problem, thismorning after installing TweakUI for XP! but i cant seem to find what i changed that would make a difference like that. im trying to reset all the settings i changed... only a few really.
  3. allan

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    Open regedit and navigate to:

    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Shell


    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Drive \ shell

    and give both the value of: None
  4. Azzuron

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    Ah! I guess we think alike. I finaly remembered that i had changed a ton of icons in the type thing...which dont do nothin at all for the display icons i guess... so, anyway... somehow that messed up the regsettings, drive had defaulted to "find", so i checked all my friends XP systems with remote desktop, and they all had the same, only not default, so i just added an new entry, open, yadda yadda, and deleted it from the registry all is well. In effect does the same thing you just stated. Thank you allan. :D Learn somethin new every day. time for a nap :).