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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Ice-Freezer, May 12, 2002.

  1. Ice-Freezer

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    I have amd athlon xp 1800+ 1539 mhz and gforce 2 mx pci 32 mb sdram, 512 sdram pci 133 when i run games they are really slow, and i run them on 800 x 600 16 100 hertz my cpu temp on load is 41, while my friend whos got intel celeron 700 / 100 fsb and gforce 2 mx 400 agp 32 mb sdram runs all games much faster and he runs them on 1280 1024 32 bits 75 hertz..

    whats the deal with this
    is it video card?
  2. Static 99

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    This is not gonna help you, and it's just my opinion. But i think these cards are really bad. I have the same card and i can't play games at all. I've tried allmost every driver i could find (old, new and even leaked ones), it doesn't matter, they just don't work on my system. I gave up, i'm $aving now for a new card. So, in my point of view, you're a lucky person. At least you cán play games.
  3. Yodums

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    I would look into a: Video card, DDR Motherboard, and DDR Ram upgrade.

    Your video card is way out dated so the modern games use very high technology for a GeForce 2 MX to be gaming.

    Your XP performance is crippled by a SDR Mobo + SDR Ram combo.
  4. Ice-Freezer

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    Thnx guys for your help, but i'm lucky enough my motherboard has 2 more memory slots which are ddr. i'm gonna buy 2x 512 ddr memory and maybe gforce3 agp :)
  5. Freakzilla

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    I posted a similar question to this myself and found out that my P4 + SDRAM=poor performance. I am trying to raise some funds to buy a DDR mobo + Ram. I also have a Geforce 2 MX400 64MB and I have no problems running games so I am suprised to see some of the comments about the card on here.
  6. Static 99

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    It's only about the Geforce 2MX 32MB, not the 400 64MB.