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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by shakes91, Dec 28, 2001.

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    This issue was address before however i am unable to locate the thread.

    I have this problem in my home lab/network. I running 2000 server with roaming profiles and have 3 clients. Ever since i changed my operating system on my clients to XP pro the time delay after entering your password can be up to 1 minute.

    Can anyone offer a solution to this problem?

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    I have the same problem logging into the domain controller at work. Try logging in to the local machine. Then go into My Network Places and double click the domain controller (the 2k server). It will prompt you for a password. Enter that password and check "Save Password." Keep logging on to the local machine at the logon screen, but if the computer needs to access domain resources, it will automatically use the password stored earler.

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    Um, that isn't a particularly good idea for many reasons, but for right now let's stick to the original issue. Now, how is your name resolution setup on your network? Are you using WINS/DNS/DDNS/LMHOSTS file/Midgets/HOSTS file? Is this the only server that is running on the network, and if so is the Netlogon service (;) to Lactic.Acid on this) running? Is there a need for roaming profiles? For the time being, please don't persue the local machine logon option, as this will not let you immediately authenticate to other network resources.


    As for your issue, I pose the same question as to name resolution and access to the nearest DC. You could try modifying your LMHOSTS file with <serverip> <servername> #PRE #DOM to preload the file and make sure the local system recognizes it as a domain controller (if indeed it is). Most logon delays are related to credential authentication, so this is where I would start.
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    You know, i'm honestly not sure! :confused: I going to reinstall again (joys of a lab) move a couple of hard drives around and beef the server up.

    I hope this time I get it closer to being installed the way i want it.

    It's got to be so simple and right in front of me.
    I mean it the server is installed correctly and the clients are configured correctly. Then the AD should populate on its owns, right?
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    I am not sure I follow what you mean. To "populate" AD would mean to add objects (like users) and containers (like groups) to the directory, whereas your issue could stem around simple name resolution which can break everything if not setup properly. Now, just as a hint, make sure to setup DNS (with Dynamic Updates enabled if using DHCP on the LAN) separately rather than using the quickie DNS setup option in DCPROMO. When DNS is setup in that manner, it is almost always broken. Also, make sure to enter the name and IP of any static system sitting on the LAN that you want to show up by name. And have you ever seen those "Zone Replication" tabs in the DNS MSC? Make sure those are ONLY set to replicate with other members of your AD so you don't get flooded out with sync requests from outside DNS boxes.