Slow FPS in GTA3

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Fusion Warrior, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. My computer details:

    900Mhz AMD-Duron
    20GB 7200rpm
    287MB Ram
    32MB nVidia TNT2 gfx
    Windows XP Pro

    I am having trouble with the FPS in gta3. They are really slow. I have about 2 patches which are "supposed" to speed up the performance but it's not doing much. I customize the display options and it's at 640x480x16 bit. What can i do to make it faster?
  2. xsk8zerox

    xsk8zerox Moderator

    id say buy a better video card
  3. madmain1

    madmain1 Guest

    Yeah I would agree buy a new video card I had them same problem until I upgraded. But I have a xbox now so I really don 't play 2 many games now on the old computer!!!!
  4. 50Cper23

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    look for a solution under the TROUBLESHOOTING section on this site..
    youll find a solution
    i did..
  5. 50Cper23

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    then click

    thats probably the best
    or post something
    someone will help!!:D :p
  6. avsdotcom

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    GTA 3 is just one of those games that, no matter what system you have, its very hit and miss as to how it will perform or if it will run at all. I've been lucky as mine runs sweet, but there are too many people experiencing problems. When you have a 2 gig P4 with a geforce 4 Ti4600 and can only get smooth frame rates in 640x480 you know somethings very wrong - and this is the case with a friend of mine. Even PC Gamer said in their review to make sure you get it from a shop with a no quibbles refund policy as theres a very good chance it wont work at all. I think they've done a belting job with the game, but it looks like they need to bring out one hell of a patch to sort out all that's wrong with the compatibility side of things.

    BTW - has anybody downloaded the new radar thats available ? Much better than the original in my opinion - theres a link to it from - picture attatched :D
  7. dijital

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    i agree with the consensus, you need at least a high-end geforce 2 to play GTA 3 at decent rates.
  8. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    Yes , upgrading to another video card it's a very good ideea ( not only for GTA 3 ) . I've experienced slow FPS with an TNT M64 in GtaA 3 .
  9. GT2000

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    Looks like a good reason to load the game up again :)
  10. Ford Prefect

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    I managed to get better frame rates by turning off tire tracks in the graphics options.
  11. andre9540

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    what does trails do for the game
  12. xsk8zerox

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    not to mention that its really annoying
  13. I don't think that will work because you have a very slow processor (in terms of gaming) and that will hold you back even if you have a better video card