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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Malkybean, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. Malkybean

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    I have Windows XP Professional on a windows 2000 Server domain network. When the computer starts up, before it displays the logon/welcome screen, it takes quite a bit of time to on "preparing network connections". After I type in my password, it can take up to 30 seconds (sometimes less) on "applying you personal settings". I just can't believe this is normal. :confused:

    I also noticed that in event viewer, the system log has entries from w32time saying that it cannot find a domain controller to synchronize with, which makes no sense because it finds my W2k server to process my credentials.

    Any help would be great. :)
  2. brunsodj

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    Just a swing in the dark but would this help?


    *My login takes a long time also...maybe try msconfig and remove all unneccesary programs. I know I read about some tweaks to fix the login time.
  3. Malkybean

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    Thanks for the suggestion. That does not seem to help me, and my problem is on the XP Pro client rather than the 2000 server. Although I will be sure to double-check my DNS settings on the server. Does anyone have other suggestions?
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    i have a similar problem with xp home. it takes me 1.5 mins to go from power on 2 a usable state. i tried bootvis but that seemed 2 make it slowere!!!!!:confused:
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    Malkybean, that is completly normal. When you are part of a windows 2000 domain your personal settings are not stored on your computer. They are stored in the directory database. When you log on it takes time for your settings and network policies to be applied to your computer and user account. It takes even longer in the morning when everybody in your office/building (that is i am assuming you are having this problem at work) is doing the same thing as you. Loging on.

    hope this helps
  6. Malkybean

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    Actually, this is at home, where I like to test out different things. :D

    There is only 1 XP Pro computer on my network, along with a couple of Win98 machines. Also, I had recently wiped out Windows XP and reinstalled, and that is when I found this problem. I had at one point (before the reinstall) gotten my system to a state where the logon process was smooth sailing (maybe 10 seconds total). The problem is I don't know if it was something I did during installation or afterwards. So there must be some way of getting it back to a faster boot & logon state. If I can't remember, does someone have and idea what this is? :(
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    This problem is usually a problem with DNS. Check the event viewer and find the event, there is a Q article at about it and it tells how to fix it.