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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ZipTriX, Mar 6, 2003.

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    I'm attempting to create a photo slide show. I have researched in making this and have not found anything to help me. This is exactly what I am trying to produce: a flash slide show of 22 images that will load dynamically. I don't want any buttons for this. Just load a image, wait 10 seconds, fade out while loading the next image. Anyone have any ideas how to get this started with using action scripting?
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    not sure exactly but, in macromedia flash, u could like paste the picture to the left of the working area, click the number up off your desired area, and click Insert black keyframe and place the picture where u want it next, an so on, and to get them to slide in, u can click the first keyframe up top an in the options at the bottom change the Tween i think it is to Motion, might help might not
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    I know that. :p I'm talking more advance with action scripting. There is a way that you can have Flash load the images when needed, instead of loading them all into the swf file. This is done to keep the swf file size small yet still perform the required effects the designer wants. If that makes sense.

    I already went to and received no help.
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    yea i made a slide show with flash but it takes forever to load on a site if u have flash mx then u can do it, it even shows u how