Slave CD-RW ROM Drive Question

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by KiDLiQuiD, May 11, 2003.

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    Had a question about installing a game from a slave CD-ROM ROM drive. Is it safe to or not? I've been trying to install several games from my secondary drive but I get Data Error messages or sometimes it just locks up. When I try to install from my primary drive, it installs fine. The secondary drive which is a CD-RW drive burns CD's fine and rips music, why won't it install games?
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    Sounds kanckered to me, maybe buy a lens cleaning kit, ask in a computer store for one that is safe to use on CD/RW drives, that should do the trick if not, try switching it with the primary drive see if it will install a game then, if it does then the secondary channel is knackered, if it doesn't read the cd/rw is knackered, which you can either buy a new CD/RW or just carry on using the primary drive :)

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    i think you're mixing up terms. there are the Primary and Secondary ide channels and on each of those, you have a Master and a Slave.

    so i'm going to guess you mean you have two optical drives on the same channel... and the master works fine but the slave doesn't. this wouldn't have anything to do if it was master or slave, as long as you have your jumpers set correctly and the drives are plugged into the correct ends of the ide cable. that means master on the end, slave in the middle. i'm sure the cdrw is going bad or something. have you tried various game cd's? are they all originals and not burned copies? are they clean and scratch-free?