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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zoey, Jul 15, 2003.

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    Won't get into the details, but my sis insists on buying a HP..bla bla bla bla. I know you are suppose to install 98 first, but her system will have a recovery disk, so will the bootloader do the normal detecting of 98, or should I use something else. or do something else?
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    not quite sure what you're getting at there tbh...

    I assume if she's buying a new HP, it'll come with XP on already... I cant help but wonder why you would need 98 aswell... especially if its for a sister who insists on buying HP (no offense meant to people's sisters who buy HP btw).

    The recovery disk will probably just install XP and not make any note of 98 being on the system. Chances are, if the recovery CD is made to install the system using NTFS file system, it'll just format the main drive again anyway and you'd lose 98 as it needs FAT32 file system.

    I'm sure other HP users will be able to give you more insight into it, but I dont think it'll work with the recovery CD... I could be wrong though :)
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    Her and her 10yrolduse the same computer, he has a history of f ing it up. She also uses the computer for work, so I was going to put 98 for her since she works from home. I would like her to not to have to worry about him. The don't have the money or space for 2 computers or a notebook.
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    with XP and a profile for the kid you would be able to reduce the overall damage that could be caused
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    k thx
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    then make a 2nd partition and image the c:\ so if she f's it up you just restore the image.