Silent cooler for XP Chip ( at last !! )

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Bytes Back, May 25, 2002.

  1. Bytes Back

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    Finally found one, It's keeping my chip at 27C with no load and 32 full load. It's as silent as you're going to get :D

    Silent cooler
  2. Howling Wolf

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    Amongst the Native Ones
    Thanx for the info !
    It would a good candidate to replace my actual GlobalWin VOS32+.
    Indeed I plan (at the end of june) to go from Intel to AMD for the very fist time in my computerized existence when I get an Asus A7V333 + Athlon XP1800+ + 256Mo DDR 2100 I chose to replace my aging Intel system.

    But is GlobalWin's HS+DoubleFans any good if I decide to overclock my future Athlon XP as I did with my present P/// which continues to run smooth for more than a year and a half (650E@866) ?
  3. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    anybody else have this cooler other than bytes back?? i hate how loud my current cooler is on my XP 1900. is the performace good?? i cant seem to find a review on this.
  4. sconn

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    man that fan really looks good.. and the noise level is fantastic! i am gonna get it as soon as i see it come out around here. my current fan is jus too noisy... it is a GlobalWin too but its a NOISE machine.. hheheh.

    err btw isnt the weight for the cooler abit too heavy for AMD's liking?

    i remember reading somewhere the recommended weight for AMD processor coolers is somewhere around the 350 to 400 g range.
  5. AmarSingh

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    anybody have any idea where i can get this in canada or the us?? i cant find it anywhere on the net. its not even listed on globalwins usa site
  6. Bytes Back

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    Athlon 1600 XP
  7. AmarSingh

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    please tell me if you find it
  8. Daedalus

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  9. Gouk

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    Thats the one I am getting :)

    The Zalman Copper Flower cooler :cool:
  10. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    yeah. its only rated up to 1.33 Ghz anyways while the tak58 is rated up to 1.7 which is what i need for my AMD XP 1900
  11. LoctOut

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  12. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

    It's not just the cooler were talking here, Don't forget other factors such as case design, other fans, heat of room etc. Like I said, mines running at 27C No load, 35 Full load.

    Full loads gone up a bit, but the weathers getting hotter.
  13. shorty420

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    I just put theAlpha PAL8045T Bare Heatsink for 39.95 from Crazy PC. I would recommend this heatsink to anyone who is looking for an affordable replacement for the Swiftek. You can pick up a Panaflo 80mm fan for 12.50 from PC MODS. I have 4 of these in my case right now (2 intake, 1 exhaust, 1 HSF). My Athlon 1700+ runs at 37c idle and never even moves above that. I love my cooling setup and have no reserves about buying any of it.
  14. Jimmymac

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    What Motherboard do you have ? I heard that HSF won't fit properly in an Asus A7V333-PA-RAID
  15. InfiniteZ

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    Yo shorty420 can we get some pics of this? Sounds koo. :D
  16. NaMcO

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    I need something good for my XP2100+

    Idles at 55 celsius goes to 64 at full load WITH CASE OPEN. Ideas accepted, thanks :rolleyes:
  17. shorty420

    shorty420 Guest

    I just got home from work. Lemme take some pics and I'll have em posted in about 30 mins.
  18. shorty420

    shorty420 Guest

    *PICS* 56k Warning


    You can see my Leadtek Winfast Geforce 4 Ti4400 underneath. That board is super long. It's about as long as the first video card I ever bought, a Voodoo 1 PCI. I had to rearrange my hd's to be able to fit the card.
  19. shorty420

    shorty420 Guest

    What Heatsink and Fan are you running? This will help us to determine whether the problem lies in the heatsink or the installation or even the fan.
  20. Ice-Freezer

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    Cooler Master HHC-001 with a 8 000 rpm fan nothing can beat it