SideWinder Force Feedback & Best Game?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Loi le Beau, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. Loi le Beau

    Loi le Beau Guest

    Whats the best car game for Microsoft sidewinder force feedback wheel?
  2. LiquidMorph

    LiquidMorph Guest

    Colin McRae Rally 2 i think..
  3. djwhite

    djwhite OSNN Senior Addict

    I concur, tried NFS High Stakes but there is very little forcefeedback in it which is a bit of a let down, gonna have to try it with NFS6
  4. DrMetallica

    DrMetallica OSNN Senior Addict

  5. Loi le Beau

    Loi le Beau Guest

    i tried F1 2002.. it was the best game for sidewinder.. u really feel the asphalt.. :p
  6. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    I bought a standard gamepad when I bought CM2 :D
    when is 3 out ?
  7. xsivforce

    xsivforce Prodigal Son Folding Team

    Texas, USA
    OK, just a sec. I don't have a force feedback wheel but a friend does. He said that it is not supported in XP. i.e. the Force Feedback doesn't work. Is there a patch or something? Or is he off on his thinking?
  8. Loi le Beau

    Loi le Beau Guest

    it is supported in xp... at least in my xp pro hehe... xp recognize ms sidewinder automatically.. your friend is off on his thinkin'..