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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by rabalder, Jan 1, 2004.

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    I got a brand new pc put together, It a P 4 2,8 Abit MB, after a few hours without using it it dies away, and I have to restart it. Its not in power section ( at least I think so) It is set up like my other pc's ,I use XP Pro with sp1 included. It has windows xp pro logo on the screen not mooving. Any idea??

    rabalder :))
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    Well, could be different things. The system might not be cooling well enough, or it could be something else that is bad. If you can, I would remove whatever components are unnecessary for you to boot to the OS. NICs, sound cards, extra hard disks, printers, scanners, etc. And if you have more than one stick of RAM installed, I would remove all but one. Hopefully you will be able to boot up fine after removing those things, and then you can figure out what the problem is by process of elimination... adding each back one at a time.
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    I you had iit built by a professional then take it back and complain.
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    at first glance I agree with Muzikool, it sounds like a temp problem. Make sure that the heatsink is flat against the cpu...of course, first complain to whomever built you the PC, they might know whats up...keep us posted
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    First of all thanks for help.

    I have built myself, so complaining would not help.:). I stripped it and tried without other devices just the videocard, but same happens I was promised a new MB from my dealer. But I liked the idea about cooling, I mooved the pc to another place where nothing could "hide" it from free air. Now its running without any problems at all. Thanks :)