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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by EMDY, Mar 11, 2002.

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    when i try to shut down my computer it just dowsn do appear the screen seaying that windows is shutting down....but when it comes to the Black screen saying "it is now safe to turn of your computer" just doesn´t pop doesn´t appear and the mouse freezes, not responding and i´m pushing the power button off without a "Black screen"

    Do you know the update thatt fix this....i´ve try Win Update but still is the know the fix starting with the "Q" and then a "number"
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    update your bios...
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    Make sure that ACPI is activated in Windows. Go to DEVICE MANAGER, open the COMPUTER branch and check ACPI isn't disabled.

    If there's a red cross next to it, well it's disabled so take the cross out.

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    how do i update BIOS??????
    I have check the ACPI and is what else could be the problem????????
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    didn´t help me out.....any other suggestion????