Should the Sigs be limited?

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by jumpy, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. jumpy

    jumpy Guest

    Should the sigs be limited? It's really starting to get out of hand. They are getting worse and worse every day.

    We need lots of votes so the mods know the members opinions. I hope it goes the way of the first option, but I know there are a lot of hormone charged teenagers (and adults :D ) who want to keep them :rolleyes:
  2. the_music_man

    the_music_man aka prodj88 =P

    as a starter of the last thread about limiting sigs.......i have voted for the limit of Skin
  3. Mubbers

    Mubbers Shoot! Political User

    I thought they were limited or are you talking about censorship??

    If commonsense doesn't work then it'll be sad if the sigs need to be screened.

    I like sigs coz it shows your individuality but personally I don't like to see 1/2 nekkid people in sigs but mostly because I think it's naff and just not original. But then others might baulk at my crude show of nationalism...

    Never mind, Imagemagician is going down next week so I expect we'll all lose them anyway!


    Also flashing sigs do my head in!!!
  4. Zooker

    Zooker OSNN Addict

    I voted for the limit on the sigs--right now I have both sigs and avatars turned off.
  5. Jewelzz

    Jewelzz OSNN Godlike Veteran

    What's getting worse everyday are the posts regarding this topic.
  6. jumpy

    jumpy Guest

    Jewelzz, don't you think that the members of this forum are entitled to their opinions on the matter? If the moderators wanted to act in the best interest of their members they will be willing to take feedback on what I feel is an important issue at the moment.

    I know you feel that your sig has sparked this but it seriously has been getting worse every day, and we must remember of the age spectrum of the users and the environment that these forums are being browsed in.

    Turning signatures off may be a solution but some signatures look really good and adds to the personality of the forum. This shouldn't be lost because of a few who want to push the limits. It hasn't gone too far yet and some would consider it art. But that is debateable.

    I think that the moderators should think about how important the members opinions are and hopefully our opinions will be represented by this poll, no matter which way it goes.

    Thank you for your time :cool:

  7. Jewelzz

    Jewelzz OSNN Godlike Veteran

  8. Sazar

    Sazar F@H - Is it in you? Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Between Austin and Tampa
    to that I would say a super mod should just merge the threads if it is getting nutty...

    a simple explanation as to WHY this happaned would suffice...
  9. jumpy

    jumpy Guest

    Ok, sorry I thought there was just the one other thread.

    Yes, a lot of people have commented but having a poll makes the results more scientific, and gives a better representation of the forum members who would rather not post in the forums but still have an opinion on the matter.
  10. Bman

    Bman OSNN Veteran Original

    Ottawa, Ontario
    People know when they have gone to far, if its showing a full body part then its gone to far but let the people look at stuff they like!

    As said about 2 million times, if you dont like it turn it off!!!
  11. rettahc

    rettahc Guest

    Personaly I dont have any problem with the sigs show a little skin. But I still think that they should be limited, simply because some of our users access the page while at work or at school.
  12. jumpy

    jumpy Guest

    But that's not the point. Its a feature of the site that a lot of people would need to turn off just because of a few. I dont find it offensive but their are people that do.
  13. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa Stranger Than Kindness Political User

    How about this idea, Instead of endless threads about limiting sigs . If someone sees a sig that offends him, he will report it to a moderator.
  14. funky dredd

    funky dredd Moderator

    Good idea Benny!
  15. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    the votes are already pretty clear even @ this stage. but we wouldn't have 2 limit them if people didn't push the boundaries.:cool:
  16. Evil Marge

    Evil Marge I Rule Political User

    What he said ^^^^ :)
  17. Jahya

    Jahya Guest

    hmmm...I vote no. I hate limitations.
  18. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa Stranger Than Kindness Political User

    I'm becoming irritated.


    To what do you want to limit it to exactly?!?! maybe a picture of a cute girl and a puppy?

    You can limit pornography (which is already done) , you cant limit bad taste (but apparently you can ***** about it for long hours).
  19. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator


    Hello Benny. I'm irritated too

    I'm sorry, because I myself started a thread about this some time ago, it got closed, issue over. But now everyone is going on about it.

    Let's start some more problems! F*** the sigs! Electronic Punk, please break something, so people can ***** about that...
  20. PC-Dude

    PC-Dude Guest

    It doesn't take much to get things rolling around here if it's controversial enough lol. No seriously thou ... use your own judgement is the correct thing to do.

    Just out of curiousity is my sig ok? :blink: