Should I buy a new AthlonXP or wait?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Digerati, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. Digerati

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    I am currently running a Duron 950, but plan on upgrading to an nforce2 board and an AthlonXP 2000+ or so (good performance, and good price, don't want to spend too much).

    With the new Barton chips out, does anyone think prices on existing XPs might go down a good bit in the near future?

    I'd hate to buy a chip today and find that in 2 weeks it's dropped $15-$20 and I could have gotten more for less.

    Of course, prices might not really drop at all until summer or later and I don't want to wait that long either.

    Anyone who's watched the chip cycle play out before got any opinions?

  2. Sazar

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    why exactly is this posted in the drivers section ?

    the athlon lineup has perhaps 1 or 2 more releases left in it... I would wait for the new hammers OR if you need an upgrade.. you can't go wrong with a barton... should last you a year or two...

    my cpu has been up a year and it is still going strong..
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    The longer you wait the less you pay =P. You could of course wait for the 10ghz chip from Intel with security features that will protect you from those evil free mp3's. (this will soo be happening but an AMD at 6ghz will whip it and make it go yelping but it will also save you from the evil mp3's... damnit... I want a chip that won't save me from those evil mp3's)

    And of course by then the Athlon XP 2000+ will cost $20.

    Just get it now. You might save $10 if you wait a little longer. And thats a big MIGHT.
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    Well, if you wait for the newest, fastest, and cheapest, you will never get one. Just purchase what you can afford, and upgrade latter. I bought a 2100+ last year and I will use it till the next generation of processors comes out. (probley in 2004 at the rate Intel is pushing AMD). Myself personally I wouldn't purchase anything over the 2800+ untill they move beyond the XP line, as the cost to performance ratio is negligable. So if you really want to upgrade go with a 2100+ - 2800+ and save the rest of the money for when the new chips comes out.
  5. Ultrabeamer

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    I would buy the Athlon XP 2000+. It's not very expensive in contrast to faster CPUs (like 2200+, 2400+).

    But you can also buy an Athlon XP 1700+ and overclock to 2000+, if you have a good CPU fan and a good stepping of your CPU (T-Bred AGOIA is good).
  6. Geffy

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    yeah just go for it now