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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Sinster, Dec 17, 2003.

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    How do I go about sharing a Scanner on my network? All machines are running XP.
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    Well, you don't have many choices in this matter. You need drivers that allow communication from a remote location.

    Install the drivers on the remote machine and see if you can get the drivers to detect the networked scanner. Unless your manufacturer specifically wanted this feature for your device, I doubt you will get it to work. You may check the manufacturers website or try to contact them to see if they support the feature.

    I have never personally tried it, but I hear that is rather easy to do on Linux.

    The main reasoning for the lack of network support for scanners is the fact that you still have to physically be at the scanner to put something into the device to scan.

    My suggestion would be to make a shared folder on the machine that the scanner is connected to since you have to be near that computer anyway. Scan the item, put it in the shared folder. That way you can access what you scanned.
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    That's always made me laugh...
    'cos you need to be at a networked printer in order to retreive your work :D (Or have willing lackeys)
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    Yeah, the company I work for went out and bought expensive HPscanners and put them one persons desk per department and said they could be shared. Then the IT people figured out that it only worked on 98. Something to do with the way the NT Kernel handled the device drivers.

    Now each secretary has a scanner. If your really nice they may even email you back your scanned file.

    PS That is lagging the hell out of our networks. Scanners need to be local.