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    Okay, here's the deal. I'm a tester for SP2. Like a long time ago I submitted a bug relating to installing SP2 Beta. Today I got a personal e-mail from a Microsoft worker asking for some information. He had a few basic questions and then gave me a prompt to run that output a bunch of information to a file. It's pretty much a weird DIR of my whole Documents and Settings folder. Anyway, I sent that and then just like an hour later he replied with some questions. My question is... should I submit that information to a personal Microsoft worker? Also, what is he doing a work on this hour? It's like midnight in Redmond. I know it's a real worker because he has a true and I don't see any other way of getting the bug report.

    Here's the e-mail (editted):

    From : Scott H------- <>
    Sent : Tuesday, July 6, 2004 2:26 PM
    To : <>
    Subject : SP2 access denied error during install

    | | | Inbox

    HI Christopher, I am following up on a Bug report you logged against SP2 install.

    Can you provide more information about your system?

    Specifically, aside from anything you can tell me, I would like to know:

    1) What permissions are set on the “\Documents And Settings\All Users” folder. Did you modify these permissions manually at any time?

    2) What other software do you have running on this machine? Are there any antivirus or system utilities you might be using that might have changed the permissions on these folders?

    3) Can you send me a directory dump of everything under the All Users profile , ie from a command line you should be able to get this via the following command:

    dir "%allusersprofile%" /s > c:\alluser.txt