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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JeremyT, Apr 21, 2002.

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    I have 2 computers that I want to share my internet cable connection through my 5 port linksys switch. The provider wants me to give them an extra 25$ a month for 5 static IP addresss(sp?) so I can share the connection with the 2nd computer. Do I have to have a static IP for the second one or is there a way around this?

  2. I don't know much about this kind of thing, but wouldn't a proxy server or something like WinProxy let you use one I.P. address? Do they make you pay 25 bucks for a second IP, or is it 5 for each ip. You might want to look at a Router, which I believe is similar to a proxy server or whatever they are. research it though.

    search the net for a cable modem hack guide where on several select models, you can remove the cap or even disable the ip crap that the cable company sees.
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    You don't need to give your provider anything. If your switch doubles as a router as most do then it will dole out private ipaddress to all the computers. You just plug your cable modem in, and then the switch, the modem will get one public addy, and the switch will dole out private side addy's to the other computers...All cable ISP's want to do is rip you off and make you less secure, the only time you'd need to pay them is if you were trying to use a hub.
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    Sweet. Thanks for all the help so fast =)
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    No they don't!
    No it won't!
    The only difference between a hub and a switch is that the switch sends data only to the correct port whereas a hub sends data to all ports. A router on the other hand is much more complicated and can (if it is a home router or router software in a computer, say ICS) hand out IP:s to the computers on the LAN using DHCP or BOOTP.

    If you are going to help people, at least try to get it right, please.
    No offence btw.
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    Doh! you are correct, what I described is all true if you have a router, not a switch, I reversed a router being able to double as a hub with a switch doubling as a hub (this is a shame for a mcse :p) Thank you for correcting me :)
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    Wow, the littlest things start fights around here...

    I have a linksys 4 port router and it is definitly the way to go.
    The router hooks up to the DSL modem and the puters hook up to each of the ports in the router.
    As far as your ISP ins concerned you have only one modem. Screw em, they get enough $$ as is.

    The nice thing about such a setup is that the connection is always on, and any one 'puter can use the internet without any of the other 'puters having to be on (as is the case if you are using 1 computer connected to your modem, with the other puters hooking up to it.

    PLUS you have a nice LAN going with a router + internet access.
    you can get a nice router now for $50-$75 :)( $300 for wireless)
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    You can get a wireless 4 port linksys on for approx 150.00 (US). I have a laptop and desktop on my system and it works great. If you have a laptop or plan to use one in the future, you may want to try the Cisco Systems 350 series PCMCIA card and just hard wire your desktop. It gets better reception than the Linksys (my experience, no a study). With this or another wireless system you won't have to run alot of Cat5 cable if your systems are "far" apart. You can also get a wireless card for your desktop, but they are much more than the standard NIC card.
  9. Actually, the proper conjunction is D'oh!