Sharing an ADSL connection in XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by edjam, Dec 9, 2001.

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    Hi. I have WIndows XP Pro and want to network to a PC with Home on it. IU have purchased a Linksys Switch for this task. I want to share my ADSL Internet conenction between the two. I have a USB ADSL Modem a la Alcatel, shoudl I still be able to do it?
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    JJ answers that question pretty well here:

    Basically, you either have a PC with the appropriate software (like ICS or Winproxy) that handles NAT duties, or you get a home gateway/NAT device (I have a Linksys BEFSR41) to route all traffic out to the Internet as needed.
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    But ICS is possible in XP right?
  4. clutch

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    Yep. I don't use it myself, but a friend of mine does to let his Win98SE box share his WinXP Home's dial-up connection and it works fine.
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    Great, thanks for the help man.
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    NP ;-)
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    This is easy to do mate!

    Put XP CD in one machine with the ADSL connection, Installed Network Service for home use, Set it to allow computers to access the internet though this. Secondly put the XP CD in the other machine (Any winOS after 95 should be able to use this utilty) and install a HomeNetworking Gateway, Select to connect to internet through other computer on LAN, Restart, Job's a'gooden!

    Connect to the internet on primary PC with ADSL and the gateway should let anyone else on the LAN setup to access the internet though the ADSL comp (Thats what I got)

    ADSL on XP + Service with Network Card
    HUB (LAN)- - - 98 + Gateway with Network Card
    ME + Gateway with Network Card