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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Abbadon2001, Jun 26, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    Parents just got ADSL, via AOL :)crosseyed: unfortunately), and I want to share the connection via my hub for the time that im home. I have used a server setup previously when I was on NTL and that worked fine, however im not having much luck with this setup...

    The AOL connection shows up as a local area connection to the ADSL modem, and i have now setup the online pc with a local area connection to my hub. I have configured my pc also to this hub, and have managed to "see" the shared internet gateway of the online pc, from my pc, and it has appeared in network connections on my pc. Alass i still cant get my pc online, nor can i share stuff between the two pcs...

    Any tips would be great. Do i need some sort of proxy or similar?

  2. _kC_

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    best way would probably be to get a router m8..
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    In fact, not only is a router, the best way, you need something with routing capability. The only way around a router, would be a layer 3 switch (which is a switch with some capabilities found in a router, aka can work with logical (IP) addresses). Forget a layer 3 switch, router would be cheaper...

    It is possible that your former service either had a. a router which was provided, or b. multiple IP addresses available to you. Unless you route, you need an IP address for each PC you are connecting.

    If you only have 1 IP, you need a seperate (internal) network, and you must NAT to get outside. On the router, place the IP address AOL gave you guys on the interface the DSL attaches to. Use all the subnet, gateway, etc info they gave you.

    Now, there should also be an ethernet interface. This is where you put an internal address, such as (anything in the 192.168.x.0 range is available for your internal use, should you prefer another number for whatever reason). Set a mask of as the default gateway on each PC.

    Make the subnet mask, and make the PC some other number, such as for PC 1, and for PC 2. Now you need to enable NAT (or actually PAT, but it's commanly called NAT) on your router, so it translates your 2 internal addresses to the IP provided by AOL. Your PCs should then be able to see each other, and the Internet.

    BTW, if you tried giving both PCs the same IP address (which AOL provided you), this will prevent them from seeing anything. 2 PCs can't have the same address. It would be a little like 2 houses on your street having the same house number, and someone sent a letter addressed to one of them. Which address should the mail man deliver it too? There'd be no way to know...
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    Plan B is to put a 2nd network card in your parents PC and use internet connection sharing. But since a router is $20USD and a 2nd network card is $10USD it is not worth the aggravation of putting a second NIC in the PC and then having to keep it on for when you want access.

    Buy the router. For recommendations in order of highest quality first:

    The Wired and Wireless G routers are about the same price now. Since you are just doing a temporary, wired setup go for the Airlink. They are the cheapest and will be adequate.
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    Ok, lets cover the points highlighted....

    1: I dont want to buy a router for ADSL when im only home for 2 months and will be going back to NTL in september, when i wont need any networking as it will be just my pc in my house elsewhere.

    2: I have sucessfully run a server and also a router before sharing a single broadband connection(cable rather than ADSL), so i know about needing multiple cards etc... Obviously there is some deeper reason im having probs, possibly because its ADSL rather than Cable this time and its AOL which has its own front end.

    3: The current setup stands as the ADSL modem on usb connected to parents pc, then that pc connected to my hub, and my pc connected to that hub too.
    They both have diff internal IP's, and my pc has picked up the shared connection over the network apprently as its appeared in my network connections on MY pc.

    4: How can i get my pc to utilise this shared connection!! Its there but cant get any data from it :crosseyed:

    someone who knows their stuff please help, im not stupid and have trouble shooted my home networks before but i cant seem to convert the shared connection i have created in to megabytes downloaded on to my pc :cry:
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    I have a very similar setup in my house, if you don't want to buy a router then ICS is the only option. When I first set mine up I had a problem with the client PCs accessing the internet, but this was entirely due to my Zonealarm firewall. I turned it off and the internet worked fine, so I would suggest trying this.
    Also, I had an earlier problem when I assigned static IP address: I let the modem sort the IPs out through DHCP and that solved the problem.
    Further to this, I had a problem where a client PC couldn't access the internet despite seeing the shared internet connection and having fixed the problem with my firewall. This, after many hours of frustration, turned out to be due to a faulty cable.

    So try any of those 3, hopefully it'll be something simple like that. Good luck!
  7. Abbadon2001

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    well i have had some sucess!

    I got the file sharing problem cleared by checking settings on the mcaffee firewall i didnt know was running in background in addition to windows one, that cleared that barrier. Second i used a piece of software called pppshar, to create a proxy server and used correct settings to get firefox and msn to pick up the gateway pc as the proxy. all works fine and just have to forward some more ports for other services now :)
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    LeeJend, just curious why you put Linksys above Netgear? I have agreed with almost everything you have posted on OSNN until now.. I don't think I would put anyone aead of Netgear. Did you have a bad experience with Netgear?