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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by da rock, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. da rock

    da rock Guest got 2 pc's using the same dsl connn using a cisco 678 router
    and a linkskey 5 port switch.i want to share a printer between the two ,but can't seem to get to work. tried the network setup
    wiz and about everything else i could think of. how can i set this up? when i tried the setup wiz i couldn't get the two pc's to see each other or anything. just want to share the one printer between the pc's. :(

    thanks in advance!
  2. da rock

    da rock Guest

    btw both pc's are running xp home.
  3. Terrahertz

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    Alright Im not sure how your setup is but here is mine. Im using XP Pro and file and print sharing are enabled in N.N. If your using the parralel port[<which is my setup] or your hub your other PC should have seen the printer when you installed it through the network. If not you should check your network settings again in N.N and run the home network wizard. Also make sure your printer is the default and check to see if its shared by right clicking and sharing it.
  4. da rock

    da rock Guest

    my dsl is connected to the cisco 678 router supplied by my isp,
    its conn to the linkskey switch thru port1, pc1 is conn to port4,pc2
    is conn to port 3,both pc's can conn to the internet no prob. ran
    the network setup wiz,when i veiw other comp on the network
    i can see pc2,but pc 2 can't see pc1,the printer is conn to pc2,share this printer is enabled. when i try to view the printer on pc2 from pc1 it doesn't see it. i'm now thourghly confused!
    can anyone help me out? :(
  5. da rock

    da rock Guest given up on what should be a simple thing ,will just hook up
    another printer.
  6. bheagle

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    I don't know, but I think I missed the printer model...

    I do know that the HP 710 and 712 series will NOT network share
    most of the other HP products do, but for some reason sharing a HP710 and 712 network sharing is not supported. (according to HP)
  7. Raven76

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    Do you have file and printer enabled?
    Is the printer shared out under its properties?
    Assuming it's setup, what kind of error are you getting?
  8. da rock

    da rock Guest

    well i hate to sound stupid,but where do i find files and printer
    sharing? the printer is a hp 845c. whenxp searchs for a printer on the network it shows home then it asks me to name the printer,when i do it says that the name or path are wrong,or something to that effect. what do you mean about shared out under its prop? like i said i hate to sound so dumb, but this is the 1st time i've tried this!

    again,thanks in advance!:cool:
  9. da rock

    da rock Guest

    found file and printer sharing and its enabled .
  10. Bytes Back

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    Ok, I had this problem, but with a 98 machine, It couldn't see the shared printer.

    What I had to do was, when you share the printer it will suggest a name (IE HP 970) delete this and put the IP address of the machine the printer is connected to (IE
  11. Jap03

    Jap03 Guest

    Please don't feel dumb!!!!!! We all have to start somewhere!:D

    That's why we are all here to learn and share knowledge.

    BTW ....I'm still trying to get my Office Jet T45 to print from my XP Pro. Haven't got that one figured out yet. It sees it but won't print.

    OH well..........:rolleyes:
  12. Raven76

    Raven76 Guest

    You have file and print sharing enabled, which is the first step.

    Next, on the computer where the printer is installed, you need to go to control panel >> printers >> right click on the printer and select "properties."

    Then click the "sharing" tab and make sure it's shared out and has a name assigned. It should now show up on the network and as long as the user has the right permissions to use it, they can install it.

    If you have problems viewing it from the network through the remote computer, then you have a network issue. So far I'm assuming that your just having trouble setting it up?
  13. da rock

    da rock Guest

    first things first,thanks to everyone who responded to my problem, it's nice to know where you can get help when you need it! however , the pc that the printer is installed on crashed(mobo
    died!) so now i am waiting on a replacement,once i get it up and running again i'll start my quest for shared printer heaven once more!

    again,my thanks to all!:cool: