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    I run Windows XP SP2 Home addition. I want to run sfc /scannow and it asks me to insert my installation disk and gives the command to insert the XP Professional SP2 Disk. I have only got the disk that came with the computer however I have obtained the SP2 disk from Microsoft and I have also done a slipstream disk which has worked perfectly when doing a reformat.

    When I insert either of these disk's I get the message that it is the wrong disk. When I have XP Home installed why does it ask for the XP Pro disk. I just cannot get this scan to work. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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    Have you added any drives since your install? I know it likes to ask when the cdrom letter doesnt match what was used on install.

    If you don't have TweakUI then you need to look in the registry. It's under

    If either method needs to be changed you have to reboot after.
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