Severe driver problems in Half Life.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by FesteringGob, Oct 26, 2002.

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    I really need some help here. I have the Asus V8200 Geforce3 Deluxe card and have been trying to get the right drivers for 3 days now. Every one has the same problem. I can get the max 100fps and the ping in in the lower 40's ans 50's, but the lag is terrible. I don't understand why all drivers have the same problem. It is like I cannot run and move at the same time. If I stop, I can move. The lag is terrible. Even while I am typing in chat mode, the letters are lagging on the screen while I type. I have defragged and tried all the drivers that I can try. Unreal Tournament 2003 runs great. My ISP checks out fine, as well. Please help. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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    u are using opengl?

    if u use direct3d u must do the glflip

    gl_d3dflip 1

    it stops the video lag