setupdd.sys could not be loaded??????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ThePiston, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. ThePiston

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    Ok all the sudden my XP does not want to load. I couldn't fix it so I tried to reinstall. I keep getting these errors:

    setupdd.sys could not be loaded, cannot continue

    so i used Norton Ghost and put a good image (I tried 2 images)onto the partition and still I get this:

    ntfs.sys is missing or corrupt.

    Which is weird cause I get this even after I deleted the partition, formatted the new partition, and I can't either get the install to go past the setupdd.sys crap, or if it does I get this error:

    bios not acpi compliant... duh, it was compliant yesterday. SO i flashed the bios and still nothing.

    Any ideas (short of a low-level format) would be appreciated.
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    give this a shot. go to get datalifguard tools and then you can use write 0s to drive option. take out disk and boot to the xp cd make sure you have boot off cd enabled in bios.

    also make sure the cd is in good condition. if not get another. or try burning it at 1x (only works for full cds badly labled). lots of things, Bad ram? loose cable? list off things checked out and i might be able to give a better answer.