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    when i get a picture message and try to download it it keeps saying mms setup incomplete. i have no idea how to set this up so would anyone be able to help? thanks
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    not sure what your phone type is and who your carrier is but if its cingular try this....

    From the standby screen, press the Menu Key.

    Scroll to "Settings," press Select.

    Scroll to "WebAccess," press Select.

    Scroll to "Web Sessions," press Select.

    Scroll to "Cingular MMS" press Menu.

    (if not there select "new")

    Scroll to "Edit," press Select.

    Validate the following parameters:
    Name: Cingular MMS
    Service Type 1: HTTP
    Gateway IP:
    Port 1: 9201
    Domain 1: leave blank
    Service Type 2: WAP
    Gateway IP 2:
    Port 2: 0
    Domain 2: leave blank
    DNS 1:
    DNS 2:
    Time out: 5 minutes
    CSD no 1: leave blank
    Username: 1: leave blank
    Password 1: leave blank
    Speed (Bps) 9600
    Line Type 1: ISDN
    CSD no 2: leave blank
    User Name 2: leave blank
    Password 2 leave blank
    Speed (Bps) 2: 9600
    Line Type 2: ISDN
    GPRS APN: wap.cingular
    Password: CINGULAR1
    Press Done.

    Press Exit.

    Press Back

    Press Back.

    Scroll to "Messaging," press Select.

    Press the Menu key.

    Scroll to "Inbox Setup," press Select.

    Scroll to "MMS Message Setup," press Change.

    Scroll to "Server Info," press Change.

    Scroll to "MMS", press Menu key.

    Scroll to and select "Edit".

    Validate the following settings:
    Service Name: MMS
    Server Name:
    Web Session Name: MMS[​IMG]