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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lieb39, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Hello everyone!

    I got a brand new Linksys Wireless Access point router with 4-port switch. Its sweet so far, being wireless and such. However I have some issues with setting up the internet. Now I know this device was not meant for me, being a 56k'er, but i need to setup the internet. Right now I am running under a proxy and its a living hell lol. Anyways, I can not figure out how to get my laptop (Windows 2000 Professional + Wireless) to get the shared internet access from my desktop (Windows XP Professional, wired to router)

    My settings are:
    and thats all the settings I have filled in


    Linksys router

    Now what are the settings for the laptop to connect to the shared internet access on the XP machine? What is the gateway, Preferred DNS Server, WINS Address? I have no idea what to fill in here.

    By the way, the desktop and laptop communicate via the router.

    Laptop <-Wireless-> Router <-Wired-> Desktop

    Thank you very much,

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    Theres no reason a dial up user can't take advantage of sharing a single conenction through a router. It just slows down your connection. Multiple people will be able to surf. If one person is downloading files though it may hog bandwidth.

    You don't need to do anything to the router if the other comp's are already connected to each other and you have internet on one machine its up and running. Just set your internet conenctions on the computers to say you connect through a lan instead of dialup through a modem. The router has become your internet DHCP server and will pass through data to the correct machine.

    One thing, for convenience tell the computers and router to "automatically get an ip from the dhcp server".

    Now for the annoying part.

    Since the router acts as a hardware firewall If you want to do stuff like game of netmeeting, ftp, voice chat you may need to open up ports (forwarding under advanced) on the router.

    If you want wide open access to one of your comp's like for fincky games (MSN ZOne) then set that ip address to "DMZ" under advanced. Note if you shutdown comps and then bring them back the ip's may change under automatically get ip address so you may have to change which is the DMZ. When you get more confident you can set your ip addresses to fixed and avoid the problem.
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    I don't really understand...

    Like what do I set my gateway, dns and stuff like that to than on my client (w2k)?

    I just want to share the internet, AIM, IRC, Kazaa and MSN Messenger. Nothing more, nothing less.

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    A router is in this case a bit "overkill" and a bit of a problem. An access point would have done (unless this is a pre-buy for an upcoming broadband connection?).

    - Connect the main computer to the LAN side of the router (the 4-port switch).
    - Turn off the DHCP server in the router.
    - Enable ICS on the main machine on the dial-up interface.
    - The NIC will get as IP.
    - Set the laptop to obtain IP automatically.

    If it doesn't work now, you need to set up the wireless part as well, something I'm afraid I can't help you with.