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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by chris626, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. chris626

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    I'm thinking of setting up a Wireless Network in our place, but i don't know the things i need. so far, we have 2 pc's and 1 laptop all three are connected to a HUB which is then connected to the Cable Modem.

    I would like to ask if i still need to buy a Wireless Router or a Wireless Access Point?

    I'm thinking of buying a Wireless Access Point and just connect it to the HUB, will this work?

    What is a Good, Reliable and Affordable Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router? Do i need to buy Pci-Cards of the same brand as the Wireless Access Point or Router?

  2. lurker2100

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    If you already have a wired network setup and running, then to add wireless capability all you need is an access point. I'd recommend the SMC AP's (Access Point). I've used a few and had good experiences with them. As far as wireless cards, you can use any brand card with any brand AP as long as they use the same protocol, i.e. 802.11b.

    One note, though, if you keep your eye out for good deals, you may find that a wireless router would actually be cheaper than an AP. If this is the case you can use the router as an AP without all the routing functionality. I know you can buy the SMC7004VWBR from and get a $30 rebate. I've got a friend who has one and loves it. Stay away from the SMC7004AWBR! I have one and it's given me nothing but grief.

    Good luck.
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    Wireless Network

    just checked out, sadly they only ship it within the US and i live on the other side of the world, the Philippines :(

    the problem here in the Philippines is that, most of the Wi-Fi things are still alien to them or its a by order basis.

    have other brands in mind?
    thinking of getting a linksys cause my friends say its reliable but i'm not sure, even i'm still alien to this :)

    thanks for the info=)
    and thanks for the post =)
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    I have just setup a wireless network with the same specifications that you have. I first bought a Linksys router and for some reason the signal didn't work properly, So I returned and got the NETGEAR router the 314 and then the 814 both are kick ass routers. The 814 is better cause they discountinued the 314, and the signal transponds better, cause the antannea is longer. I highly recommend a netgear. Their online support is really good to and I think you get either 10 or 20 $ back for the rebate right now.
  5. lurker2100

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    Netgear is a good choice. I've got another friend who has a router of theirs, only it's not wireless. It works well for him. You can also look at DLink; they're another popular brand.
  6. madmax1345

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    I have used Linksys wired and wireless routers for some time now. Easy to set up and use.

    By the way, where in the P.I. are you?
  7. zalood

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    If you are going to mail order might as well get Orinoco Reseidential Getaway. Originally produced by Lucent but now bought by Proxim. Its an AP com router. I use one . . easy to set up and reliable.
  8. chris626

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    Wireless Networking

    I live in Mandaluyong City, its kinda far from Manila, our capital. :)

    does it mean that i don't neccessarily have to get a router to make my wirless network work? i could just plug-in the Access Point into the HUB and it'll automatically configure?

    so the connection would be:

    Access Point ----> HUB (while HUB is connected to the cable modem) ------> PC's = wireless network

    is this correct?

    i plan to use the wireless network for the laptop though...

  9. sdibias

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    You should have a WAP/router in one. You would be waaaaaay to easy to hack without a router sitting on the Internet side. Make sure you use your wireless encryption as well, my neighbour obviously forgot because he shows up as a wireless network in my choices...

    You will not be able to use a hub, you will need a router. If you don't have a router you will need to at least have one computer with two NICs installed hard wired with CAT5 to your modem. The other NIC will need to be hard wired to the WAP. It's pretty simplistic really, it's all about having fun! :blink:
  10. lurker2100

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    sdibias is quite right, without a router/AP you're very open to attack. If you don't care about that, then you just need the AP. It's not as simple as just plug'n'play, though. You'll have to configure the AP properly and then match the proper SSID and encryption settings on the laptop. The instructions that come with whatever brand you decide on should be sufficient explanation. If not, I'm sure the folks here will be able to help you out with any questions you've got.
  11. RazerBack

    RazerBack The First Rebirth

    I have a Linksys Wi-Fi 4 port router, 2 PCI Wi-Fi cards, all works flawlessly.

    I can MSN from Toshiba e740 Pocket PC, anywhere in my home.
    Since the router is close to the X-Box, I run an ethernet cable to the X-Box from router. Everything running DHCP.

    Never had to call for Technical help. But then that's what happens when you do tech support for the cable company.
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    Re: Wireless Networking

    I know Mandaluyong City, I have been to Cavite City many times.
  13. chris626

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    Wireless Networking

    Really? hmm.. cavite.. thats in the south right? hehe =) me and my friends go to Tagaytay though.. its nice to know that theres a Filipino somewhere in the world hehe =)

    i'm thinking of letting my dad buy this:

    Linksys WRT54G Wireless 54g Router

    it offers the new G network, as compared to the A and B networks.. so what do you guys think?

    so i guess.. i do need to get a router for security eh?

    thanks for the help guys=)
    wish me luck on this "project" of mine hehe =)
    hope i could set it up with ease though.. =)

    btw.. what do they mean when cordless phones and microwaves mess around with the 2.4ghz wi-fi network? hmm will the G network have the same problem?
  14. zalood

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    Re: Wireless Networking

    Both cordless phones and AccessPoint normally have a feature to let you switch channel, this shouldn't be a problem, as for microwaves you can always move the location of the AP or computers if they are within the waves.

    WRT54G: looks a very good choice to me.
    Seems they have just release USB's wireless adapter . . looks handy.
  15. lurker2100

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