serv-u problems.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cam, Dec 5, 2001.

  1. cam

    cam Guest

    for anyone who uses serv-u,

    i have an ftp running and everything works fine except for one thing, users are able to upload files wherever they want, and that isnt good. if anyone has any ideas, im not an idiot and all the obvious solutions have been messed with but to no avail.

  2. Akash

    Akash OSNN Senior Addict

    Most obvious thing i would say is you have given them permission to upload.
    If you only want them to download of you, give them permission to read only.
    Not write.
    this is in the user options of each person you have registered.
  3. cam

    cam Guest

    their access is as follows:

    c:\downloads - read append list inherit
    c:\downloads\uploads\ - read write append list

    i really cant ponder whats going wrong.
  4. TypeR189™

    TypeR189™ Guest

    Remove append from c:\downloads - read append list inherit.

    Append allows appending to existing files and is needed for resuming uploads. Append access automatically includes write access, which allows them to upload. Hope this helps.

    You might also want to add make and inherit to c:\downloads\uploads\ - read write append list if you want them to be able to create directorys in the uploads folder.