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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by u_diddy, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. u_diddy

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    i need some advice on selling my cpu. is it ok to sell it with an os installed ( if im not going to include the os wheni sell it?) xp. also, is it legal to include software like office xp? lastly, i have about 10 games installed ( all pretty new ones) with cracked exe's so i dont have to insert the cd's everytime. is it ok to include these or do i have to reformat my whole cpu before i sell it. p.s. all my software is retail and i dont want to include it in the sale of my cpu because i want to buy a laptop instead.thanks
  2. u_diddy

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    i want to install MY software and games on MY new laptop, i dont want to give it all away. i just want to know if i can sell my cpu as is or do i have to reformat it?
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    so copy all your existing software and burn them on CD's, label them as you purchased them and have backed them up. then sell your computer to someone you know and voila u should be okay unless they are a royal pain in ur @ss. if you lose sleep over that and feel its "illegal" then u have problems. its one thing if you are setting up a factory and rolling them out but selling a used personal PC is no biggie. besides your saving the earth by giving it to someone instead of throwing it away lol
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    thanks dlovely, that is the answer i was looking for!