Seen that inferno in Australia?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Nedreplan, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. Nedreplan

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    Just been watching the is like taken out of one of those Hollywood disaster movies....terrible!!:(

    It is really hard to understand up here what it is like, this is something that hardly ever happens here, and especially now when we have way enough snow and well below zero degrees.

    I was in Sydney in 1994 when that city got struck by fires..and it is something you do not want to re-live again......

    I hope they get control over the fires soon in and around is a nice city...
  2. waddy

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    Its very nasty thats for sure, im from Australia and i hate to see all the bushland and wildlife getting destroyed, let alone all the peoples houses.

    They need to think of a plan to stop these fires, ive seen the fire fighters in action and the tiny hoses they use are useless, the water evaporates before even hitting the flames.

    The Aussie govt should invest in a fleet of planes which can water bomb the fires.

    If they had 20 planes dropping huge amounts of water im sure it would make a difference. Plus they could cover huge areas and areas innacessible to fire crews.
  3. Nedreplan

    Nedreplan Guest

    I know what you mean... I mean this is something that come and go all the time in Australia, I guess you all get "used to it" from the first day you are born. So the government should be ready for it...know what can happen...
    Correct me if I am wrong..but in my eyes it is getting worse each time....:huh:

    We have a similar problem here, with winter and with the cold.

    This January has been really really cold..well below -30 C. in some places..and that has pushed the electricity consumption to the limit..even had to import...this happens now and then.
    And what do the governmen want to do??...yes!..shut down an entire nuclear plant!...and hope for "alternative" ways...

    makes me wanna laugh..or cry....:eek:
  4. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    The reason the fires are getting worse is because we are in a very serious drough. Water is running out. Melbourne's water supply (it always rains in Melbourne) is under 50%.
    The fires in Canberra (4 dead) are the worst we have ever experienced. In Melbourne right at this moment the entire city is covered in thick smoke & we aren't really that close to the fires. Very eirie. And today we are heading for 37c. Camberra 35c.
    We need rain & a lot of it.
  5. Nedreplan

    Nedreplan Guest

    Yes, I guess you have water restriction by now..

    I heard on CNN it will get worse...hotter and windy...

    That will not help the firefighters.....:(

    You guys have really suffered it through the years...
    Ash-Wednesday, Sydney, and now this...:huh:

    It is true, it rains in Melbourne, alot..;)..I was there in June 2001 for a month..cloudy and rainy all day..most of the days, had some really good days though :)
    But when I was there in early January 1999 it was really hot, sunny and so nice! :cool:

    I have always had a fantastic time in Australia, wonderful people!!
  6. mbunny

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    Ahhh... u crazy swedish ppl =P

    You guys have like invaded melbourne for the Australian Open
  7. Nedreplan

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    :D ..yes the streets..could be so, but on the court they really really stink! :eek:

  8. jumpy

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    They have the water bombing helicopters that the govt bought from the US I think for last years fires. Although the bushfire problem is severe the cost of those kind of planes would be insanely high (especially 20..) But yes I agree something has to be done, there is no cost greater than human lives. You gotta feel sorry for the firefighters though, tough conditions to work in. Never rains in Brisbane ;) :cool: