seeking hockey fan/web developer.

Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by cam, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. cam

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    well, if i caught your attention, then great.

    im looking for a web developer familiar with php (php nuke or something like it), some graphical features and pretty much just php nuke.

    i am contemplating starting a new kind of fantasy hockey league, if you are familiar with fantasy leagues, you would understand what i am talking about. many of them are run by one or two people, the website is rarely updated and hardly integrated. i am trying to change that. my "staff" would consist of 4-5+ people, all with detailed responsibilities to keep the league running smoothly, and i wanted to have a well integrated site going.

    so if anyone out there is a hockey fan and would like to participate in the league and maintain/build the site, feel free to respond.

    otherwise, any students wanting some practice on running a php based site. it will be used and abused regularly by 30 beer-guzzling hockey fans to post team news, forum posts and various other things.

    oh, and you may notice, i do have and maintain my own website, but its quite simple honestly. just tables, really. ive been doing basic html for years, but i never really honed and improved my skills. php, perl, cgi.. its all pretty greek to me.
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    okay. I can do it.

    I can set up IBF....and then we can get PHP nuke. After that i customize it. I can't do graphics though.
  3. aswettla

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    so find somebody who can do graphics.