Security or Stupidity?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Heineken Man, Apr 24, 2002.

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    Does anyone know any kind of tips or tricks to lock folder and .exe files? The reason I am asking is because my Admin at work is a freak, he know's I am always tweaking my system for my needs but I just found out that when I leave he checks out the registry and my "run" command. I don't know why it bothers me so much but it just pi$$es me off that I cannot get any privacy. So if anyone know's any trick or tips to help me with this situation I would be most thankful. I also want to add that it must be pretty discreat because he is a freak and I am sure that he monitors all installed programs. He is trully sad, If I visit a computer website the next day it will be proxied out. What is bad is I am a Technician for one of the Largest ISP's ln the US.

    Please help me with this stupidity, I am picked on because I know how to tweak a computer. He wont even let me have a screen saver and he removed my cd rom. I think he is scared I may be getting access to stuff that I am not suppose to, and the truth is I don't even care about what "secure" information he may have. I just want to be left alone.

    Trust me, "security" and "stupidity" is a thin line with this guy.

    A little info on the setup. He is running about 10 NT servers and we have about 400 client systems. Most are running windows 98. They will all have Win2000 in about a month or so. My system at work is 98. I know this is an XP site but this site is where I get all the good info.

    Thanks in advance,
    Heineken Man
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    There are programs that can lock a computer up tighter than Dick's... Nevermind...

    If you were to lock up the computer so that he could undo changes that you made then what happens?!?

    If your being singled out unjustly then it's time to go over his head and speak to HIS supervisor...
    If you are not being singled out and this is company policy then you have no choice but live with it or look for another job...
  3. Terrahertz

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    Your boss sounds like a real ass. put a damn screen saver up with a password lock. Thats says [caught ya]
  4. Brad

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    and put a boot password on too, so that way if he just decides to turn off your computer and turn it back on, you have him again.

  5. Brad

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    which now that i think about it should get him in trouble because if you are working on something, and he turns it off and you lose your work, that could get him in trouble :D

    Brad (again)
  6. dArK_CyAnIdE

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    bios password,system password, and screen saver password lol nicely done.. easy to do fast and efficiant. id go with that
  7. open_source

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    Unless he is a complete moron this is easy to get around.
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    maybe I missed something but the computer at your work is not yours. It belongs to your boss and as far as I know you should be doing work. I dont mean to be a party pooper cause I am all for slacking off but when you 'tweak' your pc and totally FUBAR it who fixes it?? Yes the admin does. Who loses the production, the company, who gets laid off first, you do. Think about it tweak your home computer not you job's computer

    sorry for that but I am a network admin and I see users do that kind of thing all the time and then they complain cause their pc wont work and I have have to take time away from more important things to reformat a users pc.

  9. open_source

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    I agree with [P§eüðøKe®].

    I doubt he is worried about getting access to stuff you are not supposed to. He is probably more concerened with the fact that you are altering company owned property and that you are spending time doing things you should not be doing instead of working.