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    Is there any way to prevent XP from searching in zip files when I'm searching for stuff across all my drives? It makes the computer unresponsive temporaily, and I know what I'm usually looking for will not be in a compressed folder. Thanks :p
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    From WinXPNews:

    Disable Windows Search for Looking inside Zip Files

    The Windows XP Search feature allows you to find the stuff that's lying around your hard disks. But those hard disk searches can get painfully slow if you have a lot of compressed archive files (like .zip and .cab files) lying around your disks. You can speed your searches by disabling this feature. Just open the Run command from the Start menu and type the following in the Open text box:

    regsvr32 c:\winnt\\system32\ zipfldr.d l l /u
    (d l l with no spaces)

    Then do your Search. If you want to turn this feature back on again, just run the above command again, but without the "/u" switch.
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    regsvr32 c:\winnt\system32\zipfldr.dll /u
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