Screen shakes when playing MOHAA & Quake3

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by nick1gbr, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. nick1gbr

    nick1gbr Guest

    i have a nvidia geoforce 2

    i am currently running the 23.11 detonator drivers.

    I installed the brand new fixed detonator drivers with the refresh fix and a tweak utility. i found that when i went toplay MOHAA or Quake 3 Arena the screen just shakes all over the place and i couldn't play the game.

    i uninstalled the tweak utility and refresh fix and drivers and installed the 23.11 drivers but i still have this problem with the games.

    Please help as its driving me mad not getting my gaming fix, i tried to install unreal tornament but it doesnt work in xp withmy sound card.

  2. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    make sure you don't have your refresh rate set to might be at something your monitor can't handle..did it shake like that before the refresh fix?
  3. nick1gbr

    nick1gbr Guest

    no it didn't but ive uninstalled the refresh rate fix, i set it back to default and unintalled it, i have my refresh rate set to 100mhz at 800x600 ive even tried dropping it before i play games.

  4. ZenMonkey

    ZenMonkey Guest

    Have you tried enabling Vsync on your graphics card properties? (Assuming it might be off). My friend had a similar problem with the same games and that fixed it for him.

  5. nick1gbr

    nick1gbr Guest

    its set to on by default,
    anisotropic filtering is off,
    buffer flipping mode is autodetect
    default colour depth is - use desktop depth

    Hope you can still help. its driving me mad

    I think its just the open gl settings because fifa2002 works fine.