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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by newbie3000, Mar 2, 2002.

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    I just recently installed Windows Xp Professional and i;ve encountered a small problem. When the program loads up my screen fluctuates slightly, expands and contracts horizontally. I;ve tried different refresh rates, I have also updated my video card drivers (geforce 2 gts), as well as my motherboard drivers and bios (via chipset) and this porblem still happens. After about 2 min or so it the movement stops and I usually don't encounter the problem again until I load up Xp again. Note: 2 days ago I had win 98 se on and I did not have this problem. Also this problem does not occur in dos, or in the initil win xp loading screen (black background, windows symbol). Only when I get into the blue screen (says welcome) does the screen begin to fluctuate.

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    Monitor Problems

    Is your monitor listed as Plug and Play or do you have the correct .inf file for your specific monitor? Sometimes this little tidbit can make a difference.
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    Oops, wrong thread.