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    Oh sh*t I think bill gates is on my local council (dont have word so sory for any spelling mistakes) the bins in our town been replaced with Bin MII that overflow with rubish, disapear or brake (note this is me on morphine walking to car from hospital dont worry i was with my parents) My local council said there working on Bin MIII.
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    Ummmm...yeah. I think. ;)
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    I think ya need to push the button on yer Morph Drip, or tell 'em ta give ya another shot. Cause the Bins are still in Beta testing ya loon. If they say Bin MII then someone's got illegal copies of 'em. :p :p :p
  4. kia

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    no they officaly rolled them out this week bin MKII was the new offical legal release. Im a xc mountain biker nuff said to explain why i some times have to go hospital (the time i fu*ked bin up is when i lossed quite allot of flesh off my arm due to a fall and then travalling along ground)
    Remember kids dont smash glass bottles on ground and if i found the bast*rd who smashed bottle my arse landed on say your prays to what ever god you belive in and prepare to die