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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ElectricBrain, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. Recently, Creative has updated their SBLive drivers for XP. But after i installed it, my comp kept getting BSODs, so now i need to find the older versions. Does anyone know a site that archives sound card drivers? I need the 2nd and 3rd newest.

    Also, i just want the drivers, not the full package crap.

    I semi-fixed the problem by doing a driver roll back but now, AudioHQ doesnt work correctly cuz its still the new AudioHQ and its not compatable with the older drivers.
  2. open_source

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    Creative Labs sux ass and has not wriiten a decent driver in years.
  3. ZipTriX

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    I still have my original CD from when I purchased my SB Live 5.1 Platinum. I can make an image of it and send it to you. Just messgae me via ICQ if you want it.

    I would agree that SB sucks, but that was until I got an Audigy.
  4. Well, its working fine now, so I dont think transferring a whole cd over ICQ will be worth it :p

    But im wondering, if i disable AudioHQ, does that affect the EAX effects in games?
  5. ZipTriX

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    It shouldn't, but it might. Never disabled it. The offer still stands, if you want the image, plus I'll set up an ftp so you can leech it if need be. Good luck!
  6. Bretenn

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    i think creative soundcard realli sux.... even the new driver causing problem...
  7. Bouda

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    I downloaded them from the SB site and not having a spot of trouble....Working great
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    I have the SB Live Platinum 5.1 installed with XP.. i fixed the hang up on shut down with the devldr.exe file, but when i run the new xp drivers from creative, all works but my remote? I have loaded it every which but tomorrow, and it still comes up as " Does Not detect Remote Control, Make sure it is installed. Anyone help or any ideas? Thanks :)
  9. Sage

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    Installed the new drivers on 2 separate WinXP Pro systems, one with SBLive Value and one with SBLive 5.1 Gamer - no problems at all and they work great. They fix the "bug" where 4, 5.1 speaker settings would not load on startup.
  10. tWiZzLeR

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    new drivers

    I installed the new drivers 2 days ago and everything is great! But, I only downloaded and installed the drivers, not all of that extra BS software...
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    Bretenn and open_source, dont waste peoples time with useless comments like that. If you dont like Creative of SB then buy something else and shut up.
  12. DLD

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    I've also updated my sbLive! platinum with the new one from creative, and now i have a sblive value card in device manager. has anyone an idea why this is so?

    thx for help
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    Yes you CAN disable AudioHQ.. its just a folder centralising the various SBlive EAX effects and mixer settings.

    But they are alwaz available from the startmenu program you lose nothing by disabling it..