sb live! problem.. please help

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by expl0it, Feb 25, 2002.

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    ok this has been a ongoing problem, i just installed a fresh copy of xp then loaded up the latest drivers from creative. all is well except for the fact the 'speaker' control in audiohq gives me a error while trying to open. so im only getting audio out of 2speakers because i cant get in to set it to 4. the only drivers that have worked properly for me are the ones that ship with xp, and a copy of 2k drivers that actually work but give me a horrible lag booting to my desktop. anybody know what the problem is here? :rolleyes:
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    fixed! yayyy. i deleted devldr32.exe and all is better. :D :D
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    SB Live Problem

    OK I too have a similar problem, however I can get into the speaker setting in Audio HQ, but in order to get 4 or 5 speaker sound I have to run the speaker test - the 4 -5 speaker sound option will never load automatically, even though I have Audio HQ set to load on start up. But to your problem, this should help:
    Soundblaster Live soundcard with Windows XP and the latest drivers from Creative. Somehow you are not able to run the program called Speakers located in the AudioHQ menu, but this will fix it.

    1) locate the file called ctsurmix.exe in your creative soundblaster folder.

    2) Right click it and select properties and then compatibility.

    3) Select win2000 compatible mode and it should work again.
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    Follow up to your fix

    I think you will find that once you delete devldr32.exe that it will reappear on reboot - I also tried that to fix my problem , but it kept returning.
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    Re: Follow up to your fix

    yes your right, crap just when i thought it was finally fixed.:rolleyes:

    i tried switching the compatibility to 2000 and its working again. thanks for the tip sage! :)