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  1. vuronev

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    Another question:

    Gonna upgrade my HD, looking to spend just $100 or so.

    Kind of locked on to a 120GB Seagate 8mb drive. I've always liked Seagate because of their decent speed and quiet operation.

    Anyhow, newegg has both a SATA and regular IDE version for the same price. I have an Asus a7n8x-dlx rev.2 so I can use a SATA drive. I was just wondering if SATA is really faster than IDE and if i should go ahead and just get the SATA version?

    I don't plan on getting any other drives anytime soon and just want something reliable and speedy and quiet.

    So should I just get the SATA? what are the benefits?
  2. Xie

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    They are a bit quicker (not to much yet but the technology will peak at much higher speeds .. its the actually drives that are holding them back now) then EIDE. They are also nicer cables taking up much less room allowing better air flow if thats a worry/concern at all to you. All in all it depends on what you feel better with. If they are the same price what ya got to lose. :)
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    Like Xie said, the SATA drives use much thinner cables, which makes installation much more convenient and leaves things less cluttered on the inside. If you can get a SATA drive for the same price, then I would definitely go that route.
  4. vuronev

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    Will the hard drive come with the new cable I will need?

    I'm planning on buying an OEM Seagate 120GB SATA drive off newegg.

    Is there just the SATA cord? or is there anything else I will need to get it to work on my Asus a7n8x-dlx?
  5. dreamliner77

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    OEM will probably come with just the drive.
  6. Ezergeezer

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    Not much difference!

    Vuronev, I'm running 2 x 120Gb maxtor Sata drives in Raid 0, and to be
    bluntly honest I'm not really noticing that much difference! The start up
    is a little quicker and game levels load quicker too, but I expected a big difference but it hasn't happened.
    The only advantage would be the lovely cables, I stress 'cables', only because the connectors on the end are complete rubbish, whoever designed them ought to be shot!

    just another one, I have same board as you, didn't you get sata cables in motherboard box?