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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by banter, Oct 18, 2003.

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    I have ti4200 with s video out. I have plugged it into a scart adapter then into my tv. But nothin Happens. Do i have to enable s-video out on the card?? Someone said it would appear as a second monitor but that did not happen!

    how do i watch my comp on my tv with s vid/

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    I'm not sure how it works on nVidia cards, but on ATi cards with S-Video out, you need to go into the ATi Control Panel and enable TV-out. Check to see if there are any similar settings with the Detonators.
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    Something I heard from a customer yesterday got me thinking about cables.
    On the display it says scart to s-video, and on the box itself it would say s-video to scart.
    Just wondering if there is a difference between the two. i.e. signal goes in one direction only for each type of cable.
    If this is true, then you'd have to check what type of cable you got.
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    i cannot see any s video options in properties
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    you don't have this?:

  6. banter

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    I just updated to the latest drivers and now my desktop appears on my screen (and i do get those options now). However it is only in black + white!

    I have it set to Pal I (for uk)

    any suggestions
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    You may have a TV that doesn't support SVHS (s-video) signals. I have the same problem. You can try to find a converter for it (s-video -> composite video), but all of the converters I have tried were useless, I think only the really expensive ones (with all kinds of chips in it) work.